About Khellan

What do we offer ?

The company offers solutions package for the information technology, designing and programming the websites, launching and management of the sites, in addition to advertisement and media services for the sites. We offer such services using new ideas and with special Emirate flavor 100%. We are distinguished and different from the precedents working in such field to grant the filed what deserves from innovation and distinctive ideas. KHELLAN symbolizes the future of the Emirate Technology in the field of web.


  1. The long experience in such field makes us aware in advance of the useful, convenient, and useless things for the customer
  2. Sales service that helps you for choosing the best and more suitable offers, in addition to introducing exclusive discounts
  3. After sales service day and night that helps you for solving any problems occurred in your site
  4. Continuous communication with the customers to ensure reaching the highest level of the offered service
  5. The flexibility of the teamwork that enables them communicating and understanding with the customer for reaching the best possible solutions
  6. Renewed and unique innovation for introducing new services
  7. Full respect for the customers privacy
  8. Working hard to fulfill our commitment with offering the best services for the customers.
  9. Respecting the professionalism and competitiveness that characterize an open and free market.

What is KHELLAN and why do you choose Us?

KHELLAN DIGITAL SOULUTIONS is a national Emirate company, supported by Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development. The company is one of the largest national companies specialized in designing and programming the systems and websites. We are hard working and such hard work helps us to achieve the projects with high efficiency. Our main office’s location is in UAE Abu Dhabi in (twofour54) Abu Dhabi Media Zone Authority and we have another branch in Al Ain city., and we have also another branch in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and dealers in Oman, Qatar, and many other countries.

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Our Services

Smart Phones Applications

We will provide smart phones applications for you throw expertise team


Operating and Managing websites

throw us your website will be working with the latest technologies


Hosting and Domains Services

We provide hosting services for persons with special services packages


Websites development Services

We provide websites programming and development with modern designs


Email Services

you can select your favorite service and payment mode


SMS Services

a special control panel for you with categorized phone book lists


Social Media Services

We can help you managing your accounts at (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, ..)


Information Technology Consulting

processes and business flow automation

transforming the paper works into electronic works and storing such papers on a database to accelerate the procedures


Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP)

magine a new generation of the ``electronic businesses`` collection that offer integral management for businesses.


Manage & archive Documents and Files

tracking and saving the paper or electronic files and documents with a digital way


Microsoft SharePoint Systems

Microsoft SharePoint offers the conformity and integration feature with all solutions offered by Microsoft