Intrdouction about KHELLAN

KHELLAN DIGITAL SOULUTIONS is a national Emirate company, supported by Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development. The company is one of the largest national companies specialized in designing and programming the systems and websites. We are hard working and such hard work helps us to achieve the projects with high efficiency. Our main office’s location is in UAE Abu Dhabi in (twofour54) Abu Dhabi Media Zone Authority.

  • Upgrading the general level of the digital solutions and technology in the local and world market
  • utilizing all the available resources to develop and build the information infrastructure
  • Adding the value to the customers, developing their businesses, and facilitating dealings with such customers by introducing innovative web solutions
  • upgrading the level of the electronic services introduced to the customers by the businessmen to raise the efficiency of work at the enterprises located in the region

Our vision :

A leading company in the solutions of designing and programming the systems and websites all over the world.

Our message :

Developing the information infrastructure in the region and sharing our advantages in such field with our customers and partners

What are the characteristics that make us different ?

  • The long experience in such field makes us aware in advance of the useful, convenient, and useless things for the customer.
  • Sales service that helps you for choosing the best and more suitable offers, in addition to introducing exclusive discounts.
  • After sales service day and night that helps you for solving any problems occurred in your site.
  • Continuous communication with the customers to ensure reaching the highest level of the offered service.
  • The flexibility of the teamwork that enables them communicating and understanding with the customers for reaching the best possible solutions.
  • Renewed and unique innovation for introducing new services.
  • Full respect for the customers privacy.
  • Working hard to fulfill our commitment with offering the best services for the customers.

The Social Responsibility

The KELLAN DIGITAL SOLUTIONS is considered a part and parcel of the society. KHELLAN abides to such side by exploiting the employees of the enterprise, developing the human resources and cadres, offering a suitable work environment, and respecting the human rights. In addition, KHELLAN does its best to raise the standard of living, protect the environment, consolidate the national identity, preserve the privacy of the society, and introduce assistance to help the society for joining the economic and technological advancements happened in the developed countries.

Feast clothing campaign

The KHELLAN DIGITAL SOLUTIONS is introducing special offers for the customers on the feast. A ratio of such profits is designated to a feast clothing campaign on Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr, faster feeding campaign, and other campaigns. KHELLAN is also introducing Sanabil Al-Khair which 100% of its returns is transferred to the charitable associations on Ramadan and feast to make the poor happy.

Quarterly charitable alms campaign

KHELLAN DIGITAL SOLUTIONS is leading a quarterly charitable alms campaign, in coordination with the charitable associations in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, KHELLAN is collecting the clothes for the poor by communicating with the customers and informing them about any clothes they don’t need. The clothes are collected, categorized, and distributed, then sent to the charitable associations to be given to the poor.

Continuing Education Campaign

This campaign’s aim is to offer free learning and training for the poor and the nationals to be qualified for the labor market. Such training is received or by the free training courses related to this field. The charity of knowledge is sharing one’s knowledge with others.
We are working hard in KHELLAN to support our society; not only to gain profits, but also to share the good deeds and alms profit harvested in the hereafter with our customers. You are not only our customers, but also members of our family. So, If you have any notices or new ideas related to such topic, or if you want to contribute with any possessions you don’t need, only communicate with us from the right menu and we will contact you back.

Orphan sponsorship:

Orphan sponsorship is a charitable deed that Islam urged and considered it a medication for the human soul diseases. The orphan sponsorship reflects the brotherhood among the people of the society according to what Islam directed.
There are many prophetic traditions (Hadith) that indicate the favor of orphan sponsorship and being charitable to him; for example, what Sahl Ibn Saad (May Allah be pleased with him) said:
قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم أنا وكافل اليتيم في الجنة هكذا، وأشار بالسبابة والوسطى وفرج بينهما .رواه البخاري
ومنها ما روي عنه صلى الله عليه وسلم أنه قال : أتحب أن يلين قلبك وتدرك حاجتك؟ ارحم اليتيم وامسح رأسه وأطعمه من طعامك يلن قلبك وتدرك حاجتك
KHELLAN DIGITAL SOLUTIONS has made a campaign for orphan sponsorship by sharing a ratio of profits of all services bought by any customer for contributing to the orphan sponsorship. When you obtain any of our services, you will sponsor an orphan and share us the reward:
Now, there are a group of orphans sponsored by the KHELLAN DIGITAL SOLUTIONS by coordinating with Dar Al Ber Society in the United Arab Emirates.