KHELLAN DIGITAL SOLUTIONS commits with offering the distinct services for its dealers and seeks for developing its performance that satisfies the dealers and exceeds their expectations. Therefore, KHELLAN considers the opinions and notes of the dealers an approved reference that contributes to the enhancement of KHELLAN departments and improvement of its services for reaching the level that satisfies the customers by responding to the new requirements of a prosperous multi-cultural society. KHELLAN DIGITAL SOLUTIONS has adhered to open various communication channels with the public to know their interests, but it puts into consideration their different cultures and dissimilarity of their knowledge levels.
For enhancing such services, by promoting the reaction channels of the public with the decision makers at the enterprise, the enterprise management has put a strategy for developing the complaint system for introducing a sincere and transparent service for our dealers.

What is the complaint

A written or oral statement introduced to KHELLAN DIGITAL SOLUTIONS by on of its dealers for expressing his/her dissatisfaction with the procedures, dealings, or services that should be offered to him/her or for expressing his/her dissatisfaction with the way of introducing such services.

What is the complaint system (the complaint system of the dealers at KHELLAN DIGITAL SOLUTIONS)

It is and integral system for the effective and efficient dealing with the dealers complaints. Such system includes many techniques which are receiving, examining, dealing with, and utilizing the complaints for improving the performance. The customer will be contacted via the customer service center at KHELLAN DIGITAL SOLUTIONS