Many enterprises suffer form the accumulated documents

The documents problem inside the enterprises

  • Handling the quantity and type
    All forms – documents – engineering schemes – maps are documents that must be handled.
  • The deficiency and cost
    Difficulty of searching for and restoring the papers, in addition to wasting of time The paper storage occupies a wide space inside the enterprise which is considered a costly factor because of the narrowness of the place and the need for best utilization of the available space.
  • Data security and protection
    The weak protection and security – the papers can be lost, damaged, or subject to fire or disclosure of their contents. There are no backup copies; copying the paper is done by writing another paper
  • Reaching to the information is ineffective
    The inability of instant reaching to the information, weather inside or outside the enterprise As usual, the file has only one copy; if this copy is lost, you will lose files that contain invaluable wealth of information.
  • The commitment
    The difficult compliance of hard copy contents to the policies and regulations.

Why should i use the electronic document management system

  • Saving the time spent in searching for and restoring the information.
  • Managing the records complex problems.
  • Effective distribution of and approval to the important documents.
  • Entry permission specific to the users for browsing the documents according to the validity.

The challenges faced by the enterprises during handling the documents

The statistics indicate the following

  • 19 hard copies are made during the handling documentary circle.
  • 20 dollars are spent for putting the papers into the files.
  • 120 dollars from the employee time are spent for searching for not existing file.
  • One document every 20 documents is lost.
  • Making another copy of the lost file requires 25 hours to search for the file contents at other entities.

Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers and IAPP

The document sources

The services introduced by the DMS

The DMS can simply offer digital archiving of files, so you can easily access such files from any computer in the municipality. In addition, the system services can go further to include the mechanism of documentary circle of a process, so exchanging and sharing the document with a group of employees and departments become easy.

What is the enterprise document management system

The Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS) is a group of computer software used for tracking and saving the paper or electronic files and documents with a digital way. The EDMS has multiple names and it has been sometimes named the Document Management System (DMS)

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