sp1Microsoft SharePoint, which has many versions 2003, 2007, and 2010, operates on the websites (internal or external) and offers many distinctive services that are useful on the enterprise or the management levels. Microsoft SharePoint characterizes with high safety and maintains the secrecy of information required by the management sector of any enterprise, where the files and all the work details related to it are protected by a full secrecy. Such secrecy of information will not prevent the top management from sharing its website with other departments, but the management must determine the departments that can share this website and the departments that need to be isolated.
Microsoft SharePoint offers the conformity and integration feature with all solutions offered by Microsoft, from Windows operating system to Microsoft Office package. Microsoft SharePoint is considered on of most important and famous content management systems used as integral intranet or internet gateways. The application has many important features that helps the enterprise employees to be a teamwork with a unified electronic environment.

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  • Buying and installing Microsoft SharePoint
  • Programming and modifying the system upon your request
  • Buying the required licenses
  • Connecting the systems with your infrastructure to be in an integral environment
  • Building the required systems and forms

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